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1. You are sitting on a pier, watching the waves on the water. They are very regular waves on this particular evening. You notice that each successive wave crest reaches the first piling(supporting pole) exactly 1.6 seconds apart. You also notice that each wave crest takes 2.4seconds to travel from the first piling to the second piling. You measure the distance between the pilings to be 3.6 m. For the water waves: (a) Calculate the wave speed. (b) Calculate the wave frequency. (c) Calculate the wavelength. (d) State whether they are longitudinal or transverse. Some fireworks are then released from a boat in the harbour. You want to estimate how faraway the fireworks are and you determine the time between seeing the firework explode and-hearing the explosion to be 1.3 seconds. (e) Calculate the distance from you to the fireworks. (f) In making this calculation, you have made several assumptions. State one of these, and what the effect would be on your result if your assumption was incorrect. [2 marks]

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"They provide excellent assistance. What I loved the most about them is their homework help. They are available around the clock and work until you derive complete satisfaction. If you decide to use their service, expect a positive disconfirmation of expectations."


"After using their service, I decided to return back to them whenever I need their assistance. They will never disappoint you and craft the perfect homework for you after carrying out extensive research. It will surely amp up your performance and you will soon outperform your peers."


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Proficiency in the field of physics demands extreme efforts from students. Achieving the desired efficiency of the subject within a few years is not easy. Still, with the proper guidance from experts, it can become easier for students to master this subject. Accessibility to online physics homework from an authentic source aids students in reaching their ultimate goal. TutorBin is one such physics homework help online site that wins over the confidence of more than lakhs of students due to its student-oriented approach. From proficient tutors, quality work, accessibility, superb after-sales service, and affordable rates to deadline-focused service, TutorBin has all the benefits that a physics hw help site should have

When we talk about physics homework help online solutions, it is not complete without mentioning why students consider it as the best option for them. When students think about "Where can I get help with my physics homework?" we assure them that we are there for them. With online physics homework support, students successfully retain what they have learned in class, gain conceptual clarity, and gather knowledge. With updated teaching and engaging learning methods, their academic inclination increases, and they become interested in learning their subject. Academic help also reduces time constraints and lets students have the freedom to learn more without carrying the burden of heavy coursework.

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Topics Covered By Physics HW Help Experts

Before discussing why you need help with physics homework, let's see how TutorBin offers services for different physics sub-disciplines. The organization has 65000+ active tutors in more than 250 subjects. From modern physics homework help to gravitation, whatever subject you choose, we have tutors for these. We aim to provide students with physics homework help online through which they can clear their doubts, get their homework done, and understand different concepts. Students often feel stressed due to the lack of tutors for mechanics homework help. Opting TutorBin for services helps students in their academic activities. This single, smart move supports them to grow and boost their performance.

Finding The Best Physics Homework Help Online

Students often get stuck with physics homework and think, "I need help with my physics homework," but the problem is they don't know where they get it. Some wish to have support if they are given complex problems. They think, "who can solve my physics homework?" This section is for you if you are among these two types of students. It's time to find homework help resources that suit your requirements. Here, we will focus on where you can find physics homework help suitable for you.

  • Get physics homework help online from academic help websites
  • You can hire an online physics homework helper or freelance tutors
  • You can also take physics hw help from tutors of your peers or seniors
  • Hiring an offline tutor for physics homework can be helpful for some
  • For some, peer tutoring works best for physics hw help

How TutorBin Help Students Who Need Help with Physics Homework

In the above paragraphs, we discussed why physics hw help is one of the best student options. We know that a large segment of students are there who need help with physics homework. We have explained how TutorBin continues to help with physics homework. We will discuss in this paragraph how TutorBin, a physics homework help online website, addresses problems. If you are thinking about how it will solve my physics homework problems, then here's the answer for you:

Problem 1: I don't understand the subject well:

Solution 1:Tutorbin has a dedicated tutor team that works with full commitment to provide students with online physics homework support. Our experts try their best to make students understand the underlying concepts behind problems and what type of approach students should opt for to get the solutions. The examples and explanations of our tutors make learning easier to grasp. When students say they don't understand the subject well, we know they don't get the concepts right. TutorBin experts devote their time teaching students the concepts and the applications of the knowledge in solving real-life problems. Our team also promotes an effective yet easy educational journey for making learning goal-oriented.

Problem 2: We have minimal time to learn and finish our coursework

Solution 2: Time constraint is one of the major problem areas for students that TutorBin is trying to solve. Our educational experts focused on this area and introduced online physics homework solutions. When universities decide on the coursework, they already assume that students already have enough knowledge about the concepts and don't need extra time to grasp the topics. But due to the lack of proper tutoring and less inclination toward the subject, students feel that they don't have much time in hand. Moreover, some students face economic obstacles and have to work part-time. For them, time constraints become a challenge to finish the course. With TutorBin, students not only finish their coursework but also will be able to learn at their pace.

Problem 3: Presenting accurate homework without copying from friends

Solution 3: Teachers explain that it's for the students' good that students do their homework without copying. It's correct, though the problem lies elsewhere. Students often don't understand the problem or have doubts regarding the problem-solving approach they should opt for. For some students, copying from their peers helps them know how their classmates solved the problem, though that's not the solution. Under these challenges students face, TutorBin helps students with physics hw help. It offers conceptual clarity; even tutors support students to finish given homework with a step-by-step problem breakdown. This step reduces the burden and gives accurate yet unplagiarized physics homework answers.

Problem 4: I am not satisfied with school teachers/Need to improve my grades

Solution 4: It is not uncommon for students to get dissatisfied when they feel that school hours are not helping them grow. The problem comes from the lack of time teachers spend with students to help them grow. When students say they are unsatisfied with what their teachers taught them, we understand that they don't find the subject interesting. Our tutors update their teaching style to make physics homework help more engaging yet easy to understand. We encourage students to incline toward the field of physics. Moreover, our service is streamlined as per the current university coursework and designed to boost students' academic performance.

TutorBin Benefits If You Need Help with Physics Homework

Till now, we have discussed how TutorBin solves problems. We have explained the benefits of opting for our physics homework help online in this paragraph. Our subject matter experts try their best to increase students' learning capabilities. We ensure that students adopt smart ways to learn, gather knowledge, and improve their academic performance. Our student-centric facility puts our students on the priority list. Team TutorBin focuses on meeting students' requirements, and our student-centric system made us one of the most sought-after academic help platforms for uni and grad school students.

Exclusive guidance from our subject matter experts helps students learn physics and finish their physics homework. They simplify problems and ensure students develop practical skills to excel in their studies.

Secondly, a single platform for all types of homework is one of the best benefits for students. Our platform is easily accessible and student-friendly. Due to the one-stop solution, students don't have to search for other sources.

24*7 help with physics homework is a boon for uni and grad students. Due to this benefit, students can ask whenever they feel like they need help with my physics homework. They get support at any time, even at odd hours.

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Excellent after-sales support is one of our most incredible benefits. We don't just deliver tasks. Our team ensures that students understand and make the most out of the tasks. Even after delivering tasks, we prefer to listen to students who need further help.

High-quality education at an affordable rate makes us different from others. We don't believe in growing business from a profit perspective. Our services are much more than that. We believe in growing together. It's the reason we like to keep our rates in your budget.

Physics Homework Help FAQs Asked By Students

We often receive different queries regarding different aspects. Some of them are "How can TutorBin help me with my physics homework?" or "Is it possible that someone help me with my physics homework?". For these questions, we would like to say that TutorBin is there to help you whenever you need support. TutorBin has become a trusted source for online physics homework if you are thinking, "How can I solve my physics homework?"

Some students ask, "Is it legal if I pay someone to help me with my physics homework?" In this query, we also inform students that there are no legal prohibitions for asking for professional help for their academics. With our diverse services, you will get every possible help regarding your homework. It's our promise to help you whenever you seek answers or feel like, "need someone to solve my physics homework," even if it's sub-disciplines like quantum physics homework help.

What are the benefits of help with homework from TutorBin?

One of the benefits of taking help from TutorBin physics homework tutor is that you will have ample time to prioritize issues you feel are challenging. Experienced tutors offer physics homework help. We also ensure that homework maintains high quality. Some other benefits of homework services are:

  • No Plagiarism
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  • Refund on dissatisfaction

How is TutorBin the best website for online physics homework?

TutorBin is the best website because of our commitment to creating the best student experience while taking physics hw help. Our tutors are some of the most talented minds and pass outs from prestigious institutes. They provide excellent and accurate solutions with 0% plagiarism. Our service pricing is competitive. We also offer students exciting bonuses, discounts, and rewards to ensure they can afford them.

How long will it take to get homework solutions?

The time depends on the complexity of the subject along with the proximity of the deadline. Hence, we ask you to enter your preferred deadline while you make the order.

How do I get finance homework answers?

You can take TutorBin help to get your homework answers. It is a simple process:

  • Visit our website homepage and sign up. Our 24x7 customer care support will assist you. You can also physics homework help from our student app
  • You will be directed to a student dashboard where you can inform us about your homework problems
  • Enter additional details like the deadline and reference materials
  • When this process is finished, our operations team will connect with you regarding payment
  • Once the payment is made, they will get in touch with the expert for your solution
  • Your tutor will work on your physics answers and upload it when it is completed

How much does homework help cost?

The final price depends on the following factors:

  • The time and effort dedicated by the tutor to complete the assignments
  • The complexity
  • Availability of a homework tutor
  • Deadline proximity

Since these factors often vary, we cannot quote a specific fixed price. However, the rates are affordable considering the financial aspects of students. Moreover, we offer many exciting discounts to make your homework worth every penny.