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Regular company get togethers are organized so that everyone can spend time with other team members apart from working.
We are a Bootstrapped startup and are growing rapidly, currently in the stage of team building and expansion. You will get the opportunity to learn things quickly and become team leaders as you grow

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Tutorbin is a platform or we can say an interlink between college students and tutors. Many college students, throughout the course duration, can be 1 year, 2 year, 4 year or any duration based on the length of the course, get stuck in completing their academic assignments, lab reports, projects, case study, or simply not be able to do any question. The reason can be anything, it may be lack of understanding of the topic, repeating the same mistake again, lack of clarity about how to proceed further in the given assignment, or simply to cross-check what the student has done is correct or not etc. Some students might need help in proofreading, help with the report format, help with some software that they are not much familiar with but its required in their project, help with gaining an insight about a topic that is irrelevant to their course domain but its required in their problem solving

Having graduated from IIT Kharagpur, one of the premier engineering institutes in our country. We are very much familiar with the problems faced by the college students, the problems are similar for students across different universities globally. We have a pool of diverse tutors, having specialization in their respective fields. We started with engineering subjects, for example mechanical, electrical, civil, industrial, computer science, electronics and communication engineering. We now have tutors for diverse subjects such as philosophy, humanities, social science, essay writing, law, business strategy, marketing etc. Apart from that we have tutors having expertise in some commonly used software and programming languages across different courses, such as MATLAB, R, Arduino, LTspice, MS Excel, VBA, solidworks, ANSYS, python, java, sql etc.

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